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Meet Our Pastor


Dan Peele

Pastor Dan grew up in the Assemblies of God in South Carolina.

He comes from dedicated and hard praying saints.

He is a licensed minister with the Assembly of God Denomination.

With a huge heart for God and His people, Pastor Dan answered the call to

become a minister many years ago.

Having a background in ministry work involving a variety of initiatives through

Associate Pastoring, Children's Ministry, as well as Television Broadcasting,

Pastor Dan has the ability to communicate to all ages and speak into their hearts

with the message of Jesus and His saving love.

Along with Pastor Dan, we have his lovely wife Kimberly, a 28 year medical field veteran

with a compassionate heart to those who are experiencing health challenges.

Dan and Kim have two sons: John Graham and Gabriel.

John Graham is finishing his upper education, while Gabe is working on his last High School classes.

The love of the Lord pours out through this family.

It is an honor and blessing to have them

as we are sure you'll find out with your first visit to Aiken AG!

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Thank you...
  ....for visiting our website.
This site was created to Love, Honor, and Worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I would like to personally invite you to visit with us in person!
                                 -Pastor Dan

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